Mel (#289) 05-03-13

About a month ago, I was driving near the Ft. Myers Historic District about 6PM. There were MANY pedestrians milling about, some dressed to the nines, and some apparently so 'overdressed' that I suspected that they were in some kind of costume. Then I saw a bearded man in a white robe with a staff, who was obviously coiffed as Jesus Christ. I did not know if/how he fit in with the others.

A few days ago I was back in the same area. This time, three blocks of a street were blocked off for a car rally. Most were vintage Thunderbirds, Corvettes, and the like. I spotted the ersatz Jesus again. Clearly he was doing this on his own, as I just don't usually think of Jesus and sports cars at the same time. So, naturally I approached him and asked for a photograph. He was more than eager to comply. Usually I like portrait images in black and white. Mel is an exception.

Mel found Jesus many years ago, and now feels compelled to spread the Word. He is currently homeless, but is very grateful for all of life's bounties. He says that the wealthy sometimes think that they are grateful – but they are not. They do not feel grateful for the simplicity of a meal, or shower. Mel is convinced that he will win the lottery, and will use the funds to found a ministry to spread the word of peace and inner joy. Mel says that today's television ministries are money oriented and not true to the cause.

Then Mel told me to Google "Mel Larsen Shark". So I did, and found several screens of "hits". The Google search is HERE.

This is the beauty of meeting and photographing strangers: you never know which interesting people are in your future.

Like Mel Larsen Shark.