Strength in Numbers (#288) 05-01-13

Two young ladies were sitting in front of Pro Fliies Nailz (nail salon), and just had the 'look' of employees on break. They were. I stopped, explained my project, and asked if I could meet, and photograph them. Both looked shocked with raised eyebrows. I showed them images on my Android phone. They stood, hugged each other, and asked to be photographed together. "We could be famous", one of them said.

So, I photographed them together before I convinced them to allow individual headshots, first Torri, then Lili. I am pretty sure that alone, Torri and Lili each would have declined. But together, it became sort of a game, and in the end we all had fun.

02-05-13 Torri2.jpg

Then, a couple of days later I passed the salon and saw Torri and another employee, Dakota. Dakota was a bit reluctant at first, but Torri egged her on, and said that she had already been photographed. Thanks, Torri!

Sometimes, there is strength in numbers.