JR, a Most Pleasant Stranger (#286) 04-30-13

Barbara and I were walking to a restaurant for lunch on Useppa Island. On the side of the building, a workman was sitting on a flight of steps. His demeanor just screamed at me to meet, and photograph him. He seemed a little surprised, but shrugged and said to go ahead. He works for an air conditioning company that does subcontractor work for the island. We had barely begun to speak when a coworker pulled up in a golf cart to take him to lunch – I clicked VERY quickly and thanked JR for his time.

When I saw the images, I had to pause and be grateful that JR was so genuine, and "in the moment". In retrospect, I am surprised that in such a brief encounter, he became relaxed, and 'opened himself up and let me in'. I truly feel privileged to have been granted the opportunity.

This does happen remarkably often, I believe. Making a 'connection' with a person in a brief time is very gratifying. In blog post #221 (February 15), I showed a brief slide show of strangers that, in my opinion, opened up and revealed a part of their character in the portrait. I think that it's appropriate to revisit it now.

Do you think that JR belongs in this slide show?