Jakeson and Friends (#494) 12-30-12

Well, another embarrassment. After I photographed, and spoke with four young folks, I walked half a block and stopped to make notes. I pulled out the Moleskine journal and wrote their names – but I forgot one. I forget if this young man is Jason or Jake. So for the purpose of this post, he's Jakeson.

The four were setting up a table on the sidewalk of a main street. A sign said “Support for Malaria Free Nuts.” Jennifer said that certain nuts prevent malaria, and by making them available to African cultures, a protective effect could result. I took this at face value. But having googled 'malaria free nuts', I am unimpressed with the results. Oh well..., the kids felt that they were doing a good thing.

I asked them about the best thing that had happened that day. They looked at each other until Jakeson spoke up, “I got to help load a truckload of Poinsettias for a Boy Scout troop. I asked if he was in the troop. He said no, but that he is an Eagle Scout. Good for you! It's nice that attaining Eagle Scout status, you are always an Eagle Scout. An octogenarian doesn't say “I was an Eagle Scout”, he says “I AM an Eagle Scout.”