Julie and Kira (#493) 12-28-13

Julie and Kira were standing on a street corner holding a sign. I couldn't help noticing that one would frequently hug a passerby. So as I approached, I could make out the sign, “Free Hugs” and below in smaller font “commit random acts of kindness.” Well, how could I resist? I got my free hugs and enlisted them for 100 Strangers.

Both Julie and Kira go to high school in Bradenton, about 10 miles away. They were a group of about a dozen 'huggers' working Sarasota that day. It was difficult to hold a conversation, as each constantly reached out to people and, well, hugged them.

This is not a disorganized, or strictly local, phenomena. Juan Mann began this movement in 2004 in Australia, and it has spread to other nations (obviously). The official websites are HERE  and HERE.

And you think that you had heard it all.