Jay (#489) 12-21-13

I walked past Jay, having a cup of coffee and chatting on the cell phone. Normally I don't wait for folks on the phone, but Jay's grey ponytail against his black jacket was just too compelling. When I asked for a portrait, he did not hesitate, but said, “Here's the price – I want a copy in color” OK, I can do that!

Jay was curious about the Olympus OM-D. He has a Canon 60D, but is afraid to take it in his kayak. I don't blame him. So Jay is looking for a second, smaller, competent camera. I mentioned the Go Pro video camera, but he thinks that the still picture quality is insufficient. His roommate has a good point-n-shoot – Jay can't remember if it is a Canon or a Sony. Anyway, a DSLR is just too big for kayaking.

He approved of the image on the LCD and gave me his card. I sent the image.