Natasha (#488) 12-20-13

I just show up on a Saturday morning, and presto!, an unexpected small arts and craft show in the middle of a main road. What a great start to the day! And as I walked down the first isle, there was Natasha turning into her booth. Yes, a great start.

When I approached her, she did not hesitate to agree. In fact, I think that she was flattered. Natasha lives in Naples, FL, and makes hand-made jewelry. Her website is HERE.

She was thankful that the weather was decent on this Saturday morning. But the forecast was for rain the next day (it did), so her artwork would be in jeopardy.

The background was bright, so Natasha's face was a bit underexposed. The tone was easily corrected in Photoshop. But I have noticed that when a subject is underexposed, the autofocus is not so effective. I am disappointed by the lack of sharpness of the eyes.