Anthony (#485) 15-12-13

Each Saturday morning at a Farmer's Market, Anthony plays his didgeridoo. What, you aren't familiar with a didgeridoo? Well, it's a wind instrument from down-under, and has been around for ~1,500 years. Read about it HERE.

It has a very characteristic droning sound. Honestly, it isn't something that I would snap my fingers, or tap my foot to. But it is a large part of Anthony's life. In fact, he MADE this one!

He lived in St. Augustine, and actually was more successful there financially. But his family and fiancee are in Sarasota, so here he is. Anthony has taught how to play the didgeridoo to circus performers, and hopes to be hired for parties, etc. It IS unique. His Facebook page is HERE.

After playing for a while, Anthony comes up for a “breather”, so to speak. His lips begin buzzing, and he needs a few minutes to regain full feeling. Notice the imprint on his upper lip.

Remember that, if you consider getting a didgeridoo.