Bill (#484) 12-12-13

While walking to a street corner, Bill came the other way and we nearly collided. I was taken off guard and almost excused myself and walked on. Fortunately, common sense took over and I introduced myself and asked for the chance to meet him and get a portrait. He had no problem with that. The light was not optimal and this image required more post processing than I like. Still, I am satisfied with the outcome.

Bill, 55, was born and raised in Sarasota. The west coast of Florida is populated by folks who have moved down from “up north.” A Florida native is a rare find. He was a construction worker his whole life, but lost his job in the real estate downturn a few years ago. He has yet to find employment, and is currently homeless. He spent a cold night, as his sleeping bag had been stolen the day before.

I offered him a few dollars; he immediately brightened up and walked toward a coffee shop. “Thanks so much, now I can get a cup of coffee.” This brought mixed feelings. I was glad that he didn't buy cigarettes or beer. However coffee has no nutritional value, a nutrient dense food would make more sense. Still, as a coffee hound, I can understand his priorities.