Mike (#466) 11-21-13

Mike just had an interesting expression as he approached on his bicycle. When I asked, he not only said OK, but he thanked me. Thanked me!

 Mike is an English teacher. But not just any English teacher; he teaches English to minorities, for whom English is a second language. And he teaches it at night. Mike lives on a sailboat (no mast) that is moored about 100 yards into Sarasota Bay. He keeps the bike at a nearby marina, locked of course. He has to row into the marina in a small dinghy. And row back at night, after class. And if it is windy and raining,...

 Prior to living in Sarasota, he had another job teaching English as a second language. That was in South Korea. Mike was not in the military, but was an independent contractor.

 Like I said, not just any English teacher.