Terri (#465) 11-20-13

On a Saturday morning, volunteers were trying to get signatures on a petition concerning an environmental cause. Each one would approach a person and say ”Are you a registered voter in Florida?” If the answer was yes, they would continue explaining the petition. I had signed on on a previous weekend.

 I was on a street corner and heard one volunteer (Terri) say, “Are you a registered voter in Montana?”


 Almost immediately she corrected herself, “I mean in Florida. (laugh) I used to live in Montana, and that slipped out.”

 So I just hovered in the background while she continued working. Finally when there was a break in the action, I approached Terri and explained 100 Strangers. Then I said, “But I don't live in Montana.” She burst out laughing, and had difficulty becoming serious for a portrait.

She approved of the image on the LCD, as a man approached. She wheeled around and went back to work.