George (#433) 10-12-13.

George and Ann (future post) were sitting on a park bench, overlooking the bay. I assumed that they were a couple, but I was wrong. Next to George was a book written by Patricia Cornwell. I am familiar with her series of novels. The protagonist is a Forensic Pathologist, Kay Scarpetta. I commented on this to George. He loves her books (usually), but found this one dull. There was only one murder to solve - often there are several. He would finish it later that day and return it to the library. Although disappointed, George planned to check out another Cornwell novel.

After Ann got up and left, George commented on some of his inner thoughts in surprisingly graphic prose. I am sometimes amazed at how strangers take me into confidence and reveal inner personal thoughts. I guess that I should be flattered. But it puts me a bit ill at ease.