Ann (#434) 10-14-13

I met Ann at Island Park, Sarasota. She said that she normally doesn’t allow photographs, but that she would allow me to take a portrait that day (no reason was given for the exception). She waved her arm at the gaggle of sailboats moored nearby, and said that she used to live on a boat in the area. She’d like to again. Then she quickly walked, nearly ran, to the water’s edge and said that she might go for a swim. After a lot of rain, the water was brown. I suggested that it might be polluted, and that this was not the best time for in-water recreation.

She ran back and said, “You’re probably right”. Ann then plunked herself on a bench and reiterated her usual aversion to photographs. Immediately she got serious, looked right at me, and said “Go ahead”. I did.

I find the image revealing, almost haunting. Prior to capturing this image, I would think of these words to describe Ann’s demeanor: flighty, flirty, superficial, theatrical, and coquettish. But, again, she very suddenly became serious before the portrait. Looking into these eyes, I would not consider any of the above descriptive words. I’d like to think that I captured a bit of her personality that had been hidden. But maybe I am giving myself too much credit. :-)