Amanda and Matt (#186) 01-10-13

I saw Matt and Amanda walking my way, just two blocks from my house. I stopped them and asked my usual favor. Amanda shrugged rather noncommittally.  Matt’s brow became furrowed, and he asked what this was for. I further explained the project, and I showed my flickr thumbnails on the Android phone. He agreed, but warily.

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I can see their level of “buy in” by the facial gestures. Matt was kind to allow the photograph, but I could not get an authentic looking expression. He had “camera face”. Amanda, on the other hand, had her guard down, and let me see a bit of her personality. I think.

They were visiting the area from “up north”, and were glad for the 70s temperatures. As we parted, I asked if they would like me to send them the images by e-mail. Answer: no. I suspect that Matt thought that I would somehow charge for them. Oh well…,