Kirk Tuck – The Visual Science Lab (#185) 01-09-13

In keeping with recent tradition, Wednesdays are reserved for viewing another photographer’s work.

A visitor to this site sent me a link that I found very interesting and helpful. The Visual Science Lab is a blog by photographer Kirk Tuck. See it HERE.  

But the reason that he sent it was a specific post from May, 2011 entitled "Aproval, Tacit Approval, Implied approval and 'Street Photography'". From the title, you can see that it is very germane to street portraiture. See it HERE.

It is very much worth the time to read.

This was posted on the Fred Miranda site; a lot of viewers of this site come from there. Fred is a very large site covering both photographic hardware and artistic issues. See it HERE. Of special interest to me is the People Photography forum, which I visit every day. See it HERE.