Other Photographers Wednesday (#203) 01-23-13

It’s a Wednesday, time to check out the work of somebody else. Actually, three somebody else’s.

1. Recently, a member of the Fred Miranda People forum linked me to a project by Gerald Emming, a Dutch photographer. Here is the essence of the project, in his own words:

“All street-shots - asking people on the street if I'm allowed to take a portrait, just the way they are at that moment. Mostly of the time the whole process takes about 30 seconds.

This is the my challenge:
Normally, when shooting portraits during a photoshoot, the result always turns out to be perfect. Make-Up, hair, light, environment, everything is taken care of and the result normally is fantastic.
So, my challenge is to make a "sort-of-photoshoot" portrait in just 30 seconds.
No hair-change, no make-up, no flash, only in natural light, just as it is. In photoshop I do a final treatment to make the image to my desires. (frame, colors, contrast)”   See his images on Flickr HERE.   

2. The second item is a project by photographers Brad Evans and Travis Jensen. They roam the streets of one of San Francisco’s tougher neighborhoods, photographing people and “life” as they see it. Their aim is to bypass images showing the seedy side of life, preferring the more humanistic portrayal of the residents. This video lasts about 5 minutes.