Tyler and Brittany (#202) 01-29-13

Usually I travel a bit to find my strangers. What a bonus – I met Tyler and Brittany just two blocks from my home. They were quite pleasant and readily agreed to be photographed.

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So, why do I meet most strangers away from home? Not totally sure. I am sure that I like photographing in urban areas where there are many (tall?) buildings that reflect light. Venice Avenue, which is near home, has stores and restaurants on the south side, creating nice open shade. But the north side is largely devoid of structures, so light reflection is reduced.

But there probably a psychological reason too. I feel more open and free when away from home. Like the old business definition of an expert: someone from out of town, with slides. Why would this be? I don’t know, but it has held constant for over a year. Fortunately, going “out of town” can be 15 miles away.