The A Team (#181) 01-04-13

While on Broughton St. In Savannah, I walked by a car with five young women getting out and retrieving packages. One had flaming red hair (totally unnatural) and I really wanted to photograph all of them. But they were preoccupied by exiting the car. And, I never want to surprise someone when I approach them. I want the potential subject to see me approach before I speak. Asking to be photographed is potentially creepy enough, without introducing a surprise element! :-)

So I continued walking for a block, then stopped, and casually looked behind. Lo and behold, four of them were walking my way. This felt like karma, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post. The fifth one had somehow made an escape. So when they were close, I headed for them and made my usual approach. A couple of them giggled, and all were agreeable. Their names (in order of photographing) were, Ashley, Ashley, Ava, and Alesia. Hence, The A Team.

         Ashley #1

        Ashley #2



I liked the dark background of an adjacent store, and they lined up, as if for mug shots.  Thanks, ladies!