Crow (#180) 01-03-13

The concept of Karma does not seem real to me. But sometimes, it sure seems AS IF there is karma. I walked along a city sidewalk on my usual round trip tour, and saw several people eating at outdoor tables. One guy caught my eye. He wore a beret that gave him an artsy-fartsy air and I vowed to speak with him if he was still there on my return trip.

About a block away, I stopped to check the LCD on the camera. I had just photographed two young men, and I wanted to be sure that their eyes were in focus (they were). I looked up and the artist was headed my way, walking his thin wheeled bike. To me, it is a VERY good sign when luck (Karma?) has a desired subject walking to me! I stopped him, asked for a favor, and I had half of my spiel out when he broke into a huge smile. Yeesss! Clearly, he bought into the concept of stranger photography.

His name is Crow, like the bird. And he IS an artist, a musician who plays several instruments. Crow has attempted to get gigs in downtown Sarasota, but there is a huge obstacle, for all musicians. There is a no-noise ordinance that goes into effect at 11PM. Foe me, 11PM is late, but not so for the younger entertainment crowd. And this ordinance puts a damper on young musicians trying to get established.

Well, I asked Crow to remove his sunglasses so that I could see his eyes. Having a theatrical bent, he assumed this gesture. I could hardly have asked for more. I couldn’t decide between the square crop and horizontal, so here are both.

     (click to enlarge)

     (click to enlarge)

I gave him my MOO card (business-like card), so I assume that he will see this.