Universal Language (#88) 9-14-12

It rained the entire day that we were in Juneau, so we (we?) spent more time shopping than I would have liked. I was in a store with Barbara, but after a couple of minutes I stepped outside, under an awning. It was hard not to look bored. Several feet away was an Oriental man who looked as bored as I felt.

I approached him and said that I bet that he’s waiting for his wife. His eyebrows shot up and he said that yes, he was! I told him that we were both in the same boat, and then I explained my photographic hobby. He said to go ahead, which I did. Then He pulled out a pocket camera and took a few pictures of me.

     (click to enlarge)

His name is Chew. Yes, Chew (I checked the spelling), and he is from China. Clearly English is his second language. But we agreed that it doesn’t matter whether you speak English or Chinese, waiting for the wife while she is shopping is a universal language. All married men understand this.