DJ (#59) 10 Aug 12

Main Street in Sarasota is one of my favorite places to mine for strangers. But the frustration is this: no matter which side I walk on, the most interesting looking people are always on the other side of the street. Always. And so it was last Monday.

I was walking on the north side, heading east. Across the street, heading west was a tall stately woman in a very stylish outfit, including a Kufi-style hat. If I crossed the street and headed west, I would overtake her from behind. I always want to approach people head on so that they can see me coming. My alternative was to do an about face and head west – double time – for two blocks, cross the street, and walk toward her. And surely she would have turned a corner, entered a store, or thwarted my effort in some other way. So, I sulked a bit and continued.

Then I saw Charles across the street, sitting on the sidewalk, playing his guitar (post #58). I got to the end of the block, crossed the street, and walked west.  I sat with him for 10 minutes or so, and then continued west. And there she came! The lady had turned around and walked toward me. As we met, she made eye contact – a good sign. DJ agreed to be photographed.

     (click to enlarge)

Such a beautiful, toothy smile! But gesture oriented as I am, I prefer the more ambiguous expression.

     (click to enlarge)

So, if I hadn’t stopped to talk to Charles, I would not have met DJ. Great luck. Or, a synchronicity? When doing Street Portraiture, some things just work out so well that I feel that they are pre-ordained. I must be thankful for small blessings.