Three ladies (#60) 8-11-12

I saw three young ladies sitting in shade, outside of a coffee shop. Even in shade, it was not cool. All three were working away on laptops. When I approached them about having portraits made, all three smiled and seemed to think that it was a hoot. A nice start, but they just couldn’t stop smiling!




They worked in an adjacent office building. The workplace was so cold, that they came outside to work, and thaw out. I have never understood why some commercial establishments waste energy by keeping large buildings so cold. I used to work in a hospital. Often when leaving work in July and August, I would keep the car windows rolled up and turn off the air-conditioner for a few minutes. It felt good to bake.

It is ironic to me that Kayla is wearing a pearl earring, as post #57 is about the painting, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. Things come in clusters.