Cheri (#65) 8-17-12

Well, this was bound to happen. Approaching strangers in a small town, it was inevitable that I would approach the same people twice. This happened two times last week, the first time was with Cheri. She was totally obliging about being photographed. After a few shots I thought “Dang!” she looks familiar. Of course she remembered me photographing her, a couple of months ago.

The circumstances of the two shoots were different. The second time that I saw her, she was in a business suit, and with another woman. Cheri was speaking quickly and seemed very alert. I will call this the “on duty Cheri”. The first time, she was alone at an outdoor café. She seemed to be relaxing, and she laughingly said that she had Beach Hair. I guess that she had come from the beach. I’ll call this the “off duty Cheri”.

Now, the lighting was slightly different, but here’s the question: from only the eyes, can you tell the “on duty Cheri” from the “off duty Cheri”?

      (click to enlarge)

I think that I can. Well of COURSE I can, I know which folders on my computer the images came from! But beyond that, I think that the eyes on the left look relaxed and “off Duty”, more so than those on the right.

      (off duty Cheri)

     (on duty Cheri)

I have been contemplating a project that would involve only photos of eyes, not whole faces. Maybe next winter…

Thank you Cheri, for tolerating me. Twice.