Gary (#29) 7-5-12

While still in Gettysburg, Gary was relaxing on a bench, smoking a cigar. When I explained my wishes, he seemed a little befuddled, but readily cooperated. I forget where he lived; it was not Gettysburg, but somewhere in the northeast. He said that when he and his wife travel anywhere close to Gettysburg, they always make a side trip. They like it that much.

I told him that Barbara and I planned to visit the battlefield the next day. Gary said that he and his wife, and another couple once hired a guide who drove then through the Battlefield sights in Gary's car, and narrated the scenes. This wasn't cheap, but the usual bus tours and movie/cyclorama tickets weren't much less. So we did this and it was GREAT! One of my Stranger/Friends really helped me out.

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Later, Gary's very attractive wife came out of a store and joined us. She would have NOTHING to do with being photographed. Sigh...