Kimberly (#28) 7-3-12

While in Gettysburg, exiting the rental car my Android phone holster snagged on the doorway and broke. The Android X phone is a brick, and I hate having it in my pocket. So on a side trip to Bedford PA, I saw a Verizon store and popped in. Kimberly was the only employee in the tiny store. When I showed her the phone and told her what I needed, she rolled her eyes and went to the tiny accessory display (knowing, I'm sure, that nothing like what I wanted was there). She suggested looking at

Not wanting to leave empty handed, I asked if I could take her portrait. She seemed pleased and was totally cooperative. I got her business card with e-mail address and later sent her a copy of this file. Prior to entering the store, I set the ISO to 400, just in case.

   (click to enlarge)

I clicked off 5 quickies, thanked her, and left. Even at ISO 400, the shutter speed was onlt 1/45, so with the 50mm lens, I was pushing my luck. Only this one was reasonably sharp. I just hate going to ISO 800 and having to deal with the noise in dark eyes. Keeping the camera on burst mode saved the day and getting several quick shots saved the day.