Tim (#37) 7-15-12

Barbara was doing some genealogy research in the Pratt Library in Baltimore. So, I cruised up and down the adjacent streets looking for folks to photograph. I saw two rugged looking fellows in light hearted conversation, so I approached them and went through my spiel. With two people, I am careful to turn my head back and forth to each of them, making eye contact with each one. When I finished, there was a pause, and one of them smiled but looked away and said, “no pictures of me” in a rather theatrical way. So I looked intently at Tim, and finally he said “sure”, as he shrugged his shoulders.

    (click to enlarge)

After grabbing these shots, I looked around and his friend was gone. I’ve often had people refuse to be photographed, but I’ve never scared anyone away before! I apologized to Tim for running his friend off. He gave a small smile and said” don’t worry about it. He’ll be OK”.