Valerie (#17) 6-17-12

Valerie owns a business in Venice, Sirene Coastal Interiors. I met her while she was taking a break in the alleyway next door. When I explained 100 Strangers, she was totally supportive and thought that it was an interesting project. I always like to get that response! We spoke about the difficulty of photographing young people, parents are so afraid of weird people. She has lived in the area for 30 years. I've lived here for 35; I'm surprised that I haven't seen her before - it's a small town.

This alleyway has been a favorite of mine , as afternoon sun hits a white wall and reflects into a shaded side, where I place subjects. This day was overcast, so the flow of light was not as dramatic as usual. I had to help it a bit in post.

   (click to enlarge)

I "stopped down" to f2.8, so if she turned her head a bit, both eyes would (hopefully) be in focus. Well, she didn't turn her head, but as an added bonus, part of her earrings are sharp.