Michelle (#8) 5-28-12

Michelle was with Harvey, Post #7. Like with Harvey, I used the Nikkor 85mm f1.8 at f2.8. The Nikon D90 has a 1.5X crop factor, so this is the equivqlent of 127mm on a full frame sensor. With a wide aperture, it is dicey getting both eyes in focus; if the subject's head is turned a bit, one eye may be soft. I do not want to instruct the subject to "square off" to the camera, so I stopped down to f2.8.

   (click to enlarge)

But, in this case, it wasn't enough, the right iris was soft. So I committed the heinous crime of transplanting the left iris to the right eye. I have no religious beliefs that prohibit this sort of thing, but it is certainly not my intent to create these situations.