Tamara - B&W vs. Color (#167) 12-18-12

Tamara was working in a Verizon booth at an outdoor art and craft show. I was delighted that she had no reservations about being photographed.

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For months, I processed all strangers in black and white. I met a mentor, Craig Tanner, in Savannah, and he suggested doing some in color. So, I am. Some images have a bad background for color, with (what I call) color chaos. Just too many small spaces with different colors, that distract from the subject’s face. With Tamara, I think that the background is OK, so the question is, which shows her personality best. For me, if color help make a pretty image, that’s not enough. I want the subject’s expression to come through, and arguably black and white is best for this. I posted these two images in the Fred Miranda People Photography forum and asked the question. Responses were split 50-50. See it HERE

I will be wrestling with this question over the next few weeks.