The Old and the New (#165) 12-15-12

I have been doing street portraiture for over 1 ½ years. I began by photographing many waiters/waitresses, baristas, ice cream vendors, etc. I fact, when I review old portraits, it scares me how many I obtained in ice cream shops (MM, if you read this you'll know what I mean). This was good experience, as the employees are somewhat a captive audience, especially because I would ask before leaving the tip J.

I seldom do this now. Indoor lighting has weird colors at best, or is inadequate in quantity at worst. Plus, they can spare five or ten seconds at most and almost always have a cheesy smile. There is no time to direct them otherwise. They are working, after all.

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I look back at these and cringe. The lack of authentic expressions and weak post processing make them hard for me to look at. The new and the old – time marches on.