Danny and Natalie (#153) 12-01-12

While in Macon, a small crowd had gathered at a public park.  I asked a woman what was happening. The Young Leadership of Macon (young professionals) was about to announce a new program for the homeless. The sky was overcast, so portraits were possible in the open park. The light was diffused and “safe”, although not dynamic and exciting.

I saw Danny about 10 feet away. His sartorial presence caught my eye, so I went over and introduced myself. He called himself Danny Glover, but he was much too young to be THAT Danny Glover. He had no problem with being photographed, and as usual, I asked him to look “natural”, and not pose for the camera. The first two shots looked like this, but then he broke into a huge “say cheese” smile that did not go away. Thank goodness for rapidly firing cameras.

     (click to enlarge)

But the real reason that I approached him is that he was with Natalie. I don’t think that they were a “couple”, but I asked him to introduce me to his friend. She had seen the photography part, so she was prepared in advance to be photographed.

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Definitely worth the time!