Chris (#125) 10-29-12

I saw Chris and Phil sitting at a restaurant’s outside table. They had no food. When I introduced myself, I realized that I had met, and photographed, Phil before (blog post #104). 

Both Chris and Phil are homeless. Phil is no shrinking violet; in fact he’s a bit of a hustler ;-). So, he asked me if I could spare some “change”.  I always expect this, and am prepared to donate a couple of bucks. I have this separate in a pocket – I don’t want to fumble through my wallet at such a time. Photographers differ in opinion as whether to donate at such times. My feeling is that photographers pay good money to models for photos, so why not a little bit to these unfortunate folks?

Anyway, I split it with Chris, who said that he needed $6 to keep his cell phone service from being terminated. I am not sure what to think about this, but at least I got the peace sign.

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Phil is definitely one of the more photogenic subjects whom I have met.

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