Lynn and Jackie (#124) 27-10-12

I was just getting out of the car, about to look for Strangers, when Lynn and Jackie walked my way. Hardly thinking about what I was about to do, I approached them, asked for a favor, and explained my project. I have found this to be important. I need to approach someone and ask fairly quickly. Even if I am rejected, that’s OK. I am in the process, and that is Important. If I sit around thinking about asking someone, negative thoughts creep into my head. Maybe they will say no, maybe they will think I’m an idiot, maybe anything. The best way to avoid this is by action.

Anyway, they said OK. Now Lynn had an Ohio State shirt. In the spirit of full disclosure, I had to explain that I’m a U of F Gator. He didn’t mind, as Ohio State got out football coach, Urban Meyer.

     (click to enlarge)

Normally, I would not particularly like this gesture. But under the circumstance, he looks like he is saying, “from where?” It sort of fits.

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Jackie’s image illustrates a very frustrating issue for me. The way that I post process images of middle aged women has been leading to blotchy looking skin. I have been using software called Portrait Professional to smooth out skin before going to black and white. I posted a similar image on the Fred Miranda forum, and one photographer referenced a problem with this program. Yikes! Multiple photographers experiencing the exact same problem, with no relief from the software developer.

More $$ for new computer software, in my future.