Another Painful Change - Leica :-) (#939) 08-10-18

Characterizing my posting schedule as "sporadic" is a bit of an understatement. After a personal tragedy and a period of mild depression, I am getting back into the saddle. Along with the close-up portraits, I look forward to making portraits with some environment included.

Sort of like Van Gogh, I have gone through my "Nikon Period" and have been in an "Olympus Period." Now the "Leica Period" begins. In later posts I'll explain why the transition. Unlike Nikon, the Olympus gear will remain in my possession. My two Leica cameras are the Leica Q and M10, two entirely different systems. The M10, a rangefinder, has a definite learning curve.

Several months ago, I shot this image with the Olympus OM-D EM 5. The humor is obvious, and the face is an ad for a skin care product, sorely needed by the subject.

129 Apr 21-18 copy.jpg

A few months later at the same location I met Angela, the owner of OBVITA, a natural health and skin care company. This time I carried the Leica Q, with it's fixed 28mm lens.

117 Aug 04-18.jpg

At 28mm there is some blurring of the background because I was so close to the subject. In fact, at first she seemed shocked that I was so close, but was satisfied with the resulting image.