Keep it With You (#933) 05-16-17

I recently had to head to the city of Lakewood Ranch, FL, near Sarasota. An appointment with a title insurance officer (real exciting!) left me a few minutes for lunch at a nearby eatery. I hesitated, but then brought the camera to the restaurant.

The waiter, Jeff, took an immediate interest in my camera, an Olympus OM-D E-M5. The retro look often raises questions by passersby who conjecture that it is a film camera. It is a great ice-breaker, and often leads to a portrait. And so it was with Jeff. When indoors, I sneak the ISO to 800 and accept that light quantity should be OK, although quality is so-so.


The next stop was the title insurance office and the camera stayed with me. After business, Cathy rather reluctantly allowed a photo. Again, indoor light is what it is, not beautiful.


I was glad that I kept the camera with me.