Gunner and Jan (#926) 08-12-15

As I passed a restaurant on Main St., Gunner and Jan were on a bench in front of a restaurant. His expression caught my eye. I had never photographed in this spot, but the light looked acceptable, and Gunner's face was more than acceptable. So I made the ask. The response was positive, but lukewarm. Jan was into it more than Gunner.

He said that his portrait would break my lens, I've heard that before. He moved here from Mass., but would not say where he was born. Jan tried to egg him on, but Gunner was not talkative. After I got the shot, Jan agreed, but would only give me a camera smile. They both live in the same apartment building.

In the past, I would not have posted these images. I wrote the entries for the 100 Strangers Flickr group, which requires more story (in my opinion), than Gunner and Jan. But that all changed about a month ago.

I got a surprise notice from the group moderators. I had about 670 entries, another fellow had nearly 800 and a woman from Finland had a staggering 1,200. The moderators felt that we were posting too much and not developing as photographers, and that is the mission of the group. So I have been politely barred from posting in that group. At first I was surprised and disappointed. But in a way this is liberating. I feel free to photograph anyone I want and give as little or as much as the case warrants.

Thank you, Gunner and Jan, for allowing me to photograph you for my ongoing portrait project.