Chris (#916) 07-15-15

I was with another photographer, Brent, who wanted to watch how I approached strangers. We walked down the shady side of Main Street and I pointed out an alcove by the Blue Owl Tavern, and said that I liked the light in there. After walking another 100 feet, I saw Chris heading our way. “Brent, let's turn around”, and we walked back to the alcove. As she arrived (at my spot) I stopped her and made my pitch.

She seemed surprised but was 'game'. Chris was born in California, the east side of L.A. “It's a very tough neighborhood.” Now she owns the State Street Eatery. We promised to eat lunch there, and we did. Her husband is an accomplished landscape photographer. He is a Pulmonary Intensive Care Physician by day, but spends early mornings and evenings behind the camera.

I explained to Chris that I used my camera as a tool, that I could not approach people without one. She understood. “Yeah, it would be weird walking up to folks empty handed.” Chris was in a hurry and left without looking at her images.

Thank you, Chris, for allowing me to photograph you for my ongoing project.