Mike (#899) 06-20-15

Early in Savannah, Mike ran across the street and approached me. There were few people about, and my dress and camera were a dead giveaway that I was a tourist. I have been asked for money before, and I felt it coming. But this one had a twist.

Mike said, “I never ask for money, and I am very embarrassed. But could you buy me breakfast at McDonalds?” He didn't want money, he wanted food. So we went to a Mickey Ds a block away and he got $8 worth of calories. He isn't thin for no reason.

He has no wife or kids. Last year he had a job in Athens, GA, delivering furniture. It paid $8/hour, but the company went out of business. Currently he lives in a tent, under a bridge. Mike insisted on showing me a picture of Tiffany with her phone number. Tiffany had two days work for him at the end of the week – he hopes that it will develop into something more. Mike also showed me a shiny new VISA card. H & R block filed his income taxes; he is due refunds from both the state and IRS. When Block receives the money, the VISA debit card will be charged up.

For most of us, the United States is a first world country. But some citizens live in the third world.