Jeremiah and Ana (#894) 06-15-15

While sipping coffee al fresco in Asheville, I saw Jeremiah quickly moving from place to place with his DSLR. I wasn't sure what he was photographing; I assumed that it might be architecture. As luck would have it, he and Ana came to the same coffee shop and sat outside. When they got settled with drink and pastry, I made my move.

Both were very pleasant and receptive to the idea of being photographed. Jeremiah, who had a Canon something-or-other is getting into professional photography. Being self effacing, he was a bit evasive about his exact plans. He is planning to shoot groups and weddings. On this day, he was just shooting local attractions with an occasional candid of people. He was impressed with the 100 Strangers concept, but could not see himself approaching strangers.

The light was a bit bright, and Jeremiah had trouble keeping his eyes open after removing sun glasses. Not so Ana. I told them that her eyes were great for portraiture, and they knew it.

Jeremiah and I now follow each other on Flickr, here is his Photostream.

He asked about my camera, and Ana was surprised that it was digital. The Olympus is such a good conversation starter!