Megan (#855) 05-07-15

My new favorite plaza again, keeping my eye out for a possible subject. Adjacent to the entrance to the plaza is Louie's Modern restaurant. Don't know how they got the name. A young blond lady was the greeter, and business was slow. So I stepped inside, explained the project, and she was happy to oblige. I had picked out a black wall, a good complement to her hair.

Megan is a third year student at Florida State University. Her father is the chef at Louie's Modern. Megan's desire was to work for a non-profit, so she took an internship at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Chicago. They put her to work on their website, and she found that computer work suited her. So now she is majoring in computer science. Nothing like a little work in the real world to help get one's priorities straight.

As I was getting the shot, I knew that the falloff of light, her right to left, was nice. What I had not noticed was the rim light effect on the opposite side. I have no idea of its source, but I will definitely return and explore it. She liked the image, and it has been sent electronically. After all, she is now a computer geek.