Natalie (#853) 05-05-14

Two days ago in Sarasota was the Inspire Sarasota Festival. Pretty neat. Many kiosks were set up, showcasing youth artistic endeavors. A grandstand was at each end, with children chorus and orchestra performances. I noticed Natalie under a tent for the Sarasota Ballet. Most of the tents have great shade with reflected light. And most have terrible backgrounds, with harsh light and contrasty objects. My goal was to position Natalie in front of a tree trunk.

She was pleasant and cooperative, but took little interest in the project. Natalie had no interest in getting a copy of the images. She was born in Michigan and spent many years in New York and Connecticut. Having spent three months in Europe, she recently moved here to help an ailing aunt. Now she is ready to get down to work. The Sarasota Film Festival recently showed a film called Capturing Grace, about dance therapy for Parkinson's Disease patients. I was surprised that Natalie was totally unaware.

As usual, I asked her not to smile for the camera. She naturally gave this look, with lips open. Normally I don't like open mouths, but this look is different. It reminds me of the provocative lip position of The Girl With the Pearl Earring.

Reviewers consider that a sign of sexual availability, and that the subject was the mistress of the artist, Johannes Vermeer. Any likeness is strictly coincidental. :-)