John and Kathryn (#878) 05-31-15

I sipped coffee in front of Pastry Art, awaiting my chance. A couple sitting nearby were having an animated conversation and seemed to be 'in the moment.' So I approached them, and as I gave my spiel, the lady began to smile -a good sign. But when I finished, they just sat staring and said nothing. That was a very long three to four seconds. Finally I looked at John and raised my eyebrows. He shrugged and said “I guess so”, and, of course, Kathryn followed suit. Whew!

John was taciturn, and every phrase was measured. He was born in Sarasota and graduated from Cardinal Mooney High school. Getting his law degree at Stetson University, he now practices case law in Sarasota.

Kathryn is a Physical Therapist at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Originally she was from Orlando.

“Happy to get out of Orlando?”

“Yes, very.”

Disney has altered Central Florida so much that I feel sorry for families that have been there for generations.