Polo (#862) 05-14-05

Actually, his name is Hipolito (ee POE lee toe). Polo was in an alleyway, on his haunches, photographing. He was right in front of a bicycle that was standing in front of some complex plumbing, probably sewer pipes. I asked what he saw to photograph. Polo stood and showed me the LCD and pointed out the lines formed by the elements, how the lines formed a rough circle, and how that circle would hold the viewers eyes.

Polo has a degree in fine arts. He is from Puerto Rico, having moved to Florida 1 ½ years ago. He is working on his English. The camera was a Canon 7D and he asked me to clone out the amateurish “EOS” in the strap. The kit lens is OK, but he cannot afford pro lenses at the moment, lenses that would be necessary to photograph weddings and other money making projects.

For the time being, he works at the Yellowfin boat building facility. www.yellowfin.com The job is problematic in that he has difficulty with fumes involved in production. Polo pulled out his phone and showed me showed me images of him at the factory. He wears a hazmat-like suit with a mask. But he has to shave very closely so that the mask can form a tight fit. Even with that, fumes get in and effect his breathing.