Alex(andra) (#860) 05-13-15

Last week I posted a male Alex. I wanted to specify this stranger as Alex(andra) to keep things straight. From across the street I saw her being seated at one of my new favorite al fresco dining locations. For light colored hair, the light and background are wonderful. As soon as I described the project, Alex was β€œin.” She thought that the concept sounded like a lot of fun, and wished that she could do it (you can!).

Alex is from the north shore of Long Island, N.Y. Having moved to Sarasota 20 years ago, she is now CEO of Mercedes Medical, selling medical supplies to doctors and hospitals. This includes SaraPath, a group of pathologists who used to be my colleagues. She is on the board of directors of Sarasota Memorial Hospital. She likes the job and says that politics are minimal. I was surprised. In a recent public election, several board candidates were for selling the hospital to a for-profit group. They were defeated, and Alex is confident that this community would not stand for a hospital sale. Her info is listed in the hospital website.

While we spoke, her friend Matt arrived. A waiter immediately appeared, and Matt ordered an Arnold Palmer. Within seconds, the manager (whom I recognize) tapped and made a drinking motion from the inside of a window. Matt mouthed the words Arnold Palmer. A minute later he was the proud owner of two Arnold Palmers.

While I was photographing Alex, Matt said to her, "Why not show him 'The Look'"

"The Look?"

"Yeah, the look that she always gives to professional photographers when being photographed for magazines, etc."

I looked at Alex and said, "Like Sarasota Scene magazine?"

She shrugged and shook her head in the affirmative.

Interestingly, her portrait for the hospital website does not have "The Look."