Ana and Al (#828) 04-06-15

Al owns three businesses in Massachusetts, including a la firm and real estate company. His e-mail address includes 'law', so I suppose that law is dearest to his heart. He is SO happy to be in Sarasota. “We (in Massachusetts) had a terrible winter. And the highs will not get out of the 50s in April.”

Sitting with Al was Ana. She is from the Ukraine and has a delightful, and heavy, accent. She has lived in Germany, Italy, Texas, and a few other states that I didn't write down. She travels, looking for the best place to live. So far, Sarasota is it. Ana has family in the Ukraine who are in some danger.

I photographed Ana first. They both liked the results. Then I turned to Al and said, “Now let's see if I can make you look as good as Ana.” That brought 20 seconds of laughter and self deprecation.