Jennifer and Jordan (#826) 04-03-15

I was inside a coffee shop when a man in a wheelchair was about to enter. I jumped up to hold the door open just as a young woman outside helped open it. We made eye contact as the man came in. I went to sit outside and the lady, Jennifer, was with Jordan at the next table. When I approached them for a portrait I was surprised that she was reticent. But after a couple of seconds that seemed like hours, Jordan shrugged and said OK.

They are both from Akron, OH. Jennifer lives here now and works for Charles Schwab. Jordan still lives in Akron and was visiting the area. He is a teacher and hates finance. Jennifer started to apply lip gloss, but I told her that the image would be in black and white. She assured me that moisture was necessary anyway. After I got a few shots she was pleased. Jordan didn't pass judgment. After photographing Jordan, Jennifer really liked the results, but again, Jordan was noncommittal. Jennifer was expressive, Jordan, stoic.

Suddenly she jumped up and stepped into harsh sunlight. She wanted me to photograph her is sunlight, as that “makes my eyes bluer.” I assured her that the shade was better. Jordan got behind her and she said (giggling) that it was like a pre-nup picture. I said, “Oh, you've met before.” She giggled, “Yeah, somewhere”. After getting a few shots, I said, “Let's have some fun.”

I asked Jennifer to keep her eyes on me, and Jordan to get behind Jennifer's ear. Then I said, “Whisper something personal, that I should not be allowed to hear.” Immediately I depressed the shutter button (in continuous shooting mode) and held it for several seconds.