Nancy (#805) 03-10-15

Nancy and Cody (four legs) were seated just inside of Z's Restaurant, in nice light. She was happy to chat and be photographed. Cody, not so much. “He's skittish with people.” No kidding. Dogs, apparently, are OK.


Nancy is from Connecticut, visiting, and has been visiting Sarasota for six years. Her parents live here; Cody is their dog. He stays inside most of the time and has not developed social skills with humans. While we spoke, a woman came up to Cody with her hand out – Cody accepted this. She also had a full sized poodle (or two, I forget) and they talked dogs for a few minutes.

Nancy loves this project, took a card, and gave me her e-mail address. Cody was a little camera shy, but Nancy got him to cooperate. Sort of.