Coral (#802) 03-08-15

Coral is from upstate New York, near the Canadian border. She has no discernible accent. She wanted to study medicine, so she spent three years in pre-med at Nova Southeastern University. After deciding that she was disillusioned with allopathic medicine, she was $70,000 in debt. Now she's taking a breather, saving some money, and looking at alternative medicine programs. I cannot imagine how many mugs of coffee need to be pulled to make 70k.

She is often confused with her coworker, Stephanie (#399)  We both agree that they don't look that much alike. Stephanie's dreadlocks are fewer and thicker. Unfortunately Stephanie changed jobs since this encounter. :-(


Coral works in 'my' coffee shop, Pastry Art. I personally think that allowing me to photograph should be a condition of employment. But she was more than willing anyway, and she had a free minute to step outside. Anyone with dreads like that should be willing to be photographed.