Bob (824) 03-31-15

Inside Starbuck's, Bob asked me about the camera. I cannot overstate how much the Olympus OM-D E-M5 has raised interest among strangers, and led to a portrait. He said that he uses a Panasonic camera with a Leica lens. We stepped outside for mutual portraits. Bob's camera was a small pocket sized Panasonic that looked like it had been through World War III. He bought the Leica lens for $7 at a garage sale; it didn't work. But he fiddled with it and got it going. What a bargain!

His main interest is event photography, as seen in his Flickr Photostream:

When back inside, Bob was working on a laptop. He waved me to come over and he was checking my Flickr stream. Specifically, he was eyeing stranger #576, Heather.

She reminded him of Steve McCurry's Afghan Girl. I should live so long! But I do see a superficial resemblance in the composition.

Bob said that he usually widens the pupils in Photoshop. Girls like it. He explained that the pupil normally widens when something pleasing is seen. Sunglasses were first used in Istanbul by buyers checking rugs in a store. They didn't want the vendor to see their pupils widen when they saw a carpet that they wanted.

Who knew?