Deborah (#795) 03-02-15

I have seen a lady multiple times, walking downtown. Her hair color and length reminds me of a friend named Deborah. Other than the hair and general size, there is no resemblance. Definitely no facial resemblance, none. They don't look alike, yet one always reminds me of the other. Weird.

So one day this lady had the audacity to be sitting in front of “MY” coffee shop, so a portrait request was in order. She was reserved, pleasant enough, but not chatty. Her name is Deborah. Quite a coincidence! Deborah is not a rare name, but not that common either. This Deborah was originally from Miami and has lived in Sarasota since the 50s. She is a self employed seamstress. Now when I see her, the two Deborahs REALLY come to mind.